The Workplace Relations Commission is an independent, statutory body established in 2015. It assumes the roles and functions previously carried out by the National Employment Rights Authority (NERA), Equality Tribunal (ET), Labour Relations Commission (LRC), Rights Commissioners Service (RCS), and the first-instance (Complaints and Referrals) functions of the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT).

One of the Commission’s core responsibilities is the inspection of employment rights compliance within organisations. A WRC Inspector may visit an organisations premises, unannounced, and request to view copies of specific documentation to determine the level of compliance the organisation has in terms of employment rights. If the Inspector is not wholly satisfied with the documentation provided, they will write out to the organisation within a few days informing them of the scheduled date that a full, in-depth inspection.

Any employer can find themselves in a moment of panic when an inspector arrives at the door of their business. Fortunately, Boyd HR knows what to expect when they’re inspecting.  Rest assured that once you have been notified of the inspection, Boyd HR will do everything in our power to bring your organisation into compliance before the inspector arrives.

If your business has been subject to an initial inspection that did not satisfy the Inspectors requirements, contact Boyd HR on 074 912 3150 at your earliest convenience and we will assist you in implementing the required changes for the organisation to successfully pass a WRC inspection and avoid hefty a fine for non-compliance.