Occasionally you will have to challenge a staff member that is not performing at a level that you require or perhaps behaving in a manner that is unacceptable. Every organisation should have a Corrective Action Process (traditionally referred to as a Disciplinary Procedure) that is communicated to Staff. The ‘secret to success’ with such interventions is to separate out the poor performance and/or the unwanted behaviour from the individual. A key principle is to ‘maintain or enhance the individual’s self-esteem’. A maxim is ‘be gentle on the individual but tough on the unwanted behaviour or poor performance’.

We in Boyd HR guide and coach Managers on the effective use of the Corrective Action Process thereby winning the effort and contribution required and modelling and reinforcing the behaviour they require from Staff.

If you are kept awake at night worrying about how to address an employee who is not delivering, is disruptive and influencing other staff in a negative way, please call Boyd HR on 074 9123150 & we will work with and support you in turning this unhealthy situation around.