Workplace culture is the shared values, beliefs, attitudes and the set of assumptions that employees in a workplace share. However, the leadership and the strategic organisational directions and management influence the workplace culture to a huge extent.

At Boyd HR we know a positive culture in the workplace improves teamwork, raises employee morale, increases productivity, efficiency and enhances employee retention.  It is essential for fostering a sense of pride and ownership amongst the employees. When people take pride, they invest their future in the organisation and work hard to create opportunities that will benefit the organisation. Most importantly, a positive workplace environment reduces stress in employees.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is a famous quotation by Peter Drucker. This implies that the culture of your company always determines success regardless of how effective your strategy may be. Culture guides employee decisions, plans and how employees interact with others. It is a set of rules that are generally unspoken and unwritten rules for working together. However, every employee has an impact on the culture developed at work.

By identifying and rewarding those who are actively striving towards creating a positive work culture and supporting others around them, Management can encourage others to do the same. Positive attitudes and behaviour in the workplace are the direct results of effective leadership and a positive management style.

How can Boyd HR help organisations create a positive workplace culture?

We carry out a culture audit to assess and understand the current culture in an organisation and develop a strategic culture plan that aligns with the organisation’s values and goals and then collaborate with Management to enhance and implement the plan.

Once a clear plan is established, we ensure everyone is involved at all levels. We conduct 1-2-1 meetings with each employee to get their feedback and then assist employers to come up with company culture initiatives that were derived from the employee feedback. Fostering an environment of involvement and transparency engages both employees and leaders in ownership of achieving these goals.

We also assist Management with aligning the organisation’s performance management process with its vision, mission and values, encouraging Managers to align recognition and reward programs to reward positive behaviours.

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