Through circumstances beyond your control, at some point in the lifespan of your business, you may need to place some or all of your staff on temporary lay-off. When this situation arises, the organisation is almost undoubtedly going through a challenging situation already.  To make matters even more complicated, by law, there must be a provision in an employee’s Contract of Employment informing them of the organisations right to place them on temporary lay-off.

Many employers have recently experienced the unpleasant process of placing their staff on temporary lay-off due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. At Boyd HR, we know this is a process that no employer wants to go through willingly. Unfortunately, it is a sad truth that sometimes there are no other alternatives.

Aside from the Pandemic, there are many other reasons that staff may be placed on temporary lay-off. Whether that be a catastrophic fire on the premises or a major downturn in business where it is no longer financially viable to retain normal staffing levels, the position that employers and employees are placed in is almost never ideal for anyone involved.

When trying time such as these arise, it can be hard to remain optimistic and to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Boyd HR can alleviate the pressures from your business by guiding you through the process, developing all the necessary paperwork and assisting in the creation of a plan to get your business back up and running again.

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