When you work with us you can expect to see desirable and sustainable improvements in your teams’ performance and productivity. Team members will participate more actively, conflict will be reduced significantly and results will come with a lot less struggle and effort.


Our Uniqueness

We define what results they want to achieve. We work with the Managing Director or the Manager in order to clearly define the results they want to achieve and then put a step-by-step action plan in place in order to realise the desired results. We have worked with some of the largest employers in the North-West and many small progressive businesses. We have learnt ‘Best Practice’ from Leading Multi-Nationals and successfully transferred this knowledge to our Clients Business.


Guiding Beliefs or Values

“At least 90% of all problems in organisations are in the system” – Deming. 

We are very much influenced by Deming. When there is an issue in an organisation we look for systemic failures in the first instance. If someone is not performing at the level they need to be performing at, or behaving in a way that they should behave, we first look to see:

  • if the individual clearly knows and understands as to what exactly they are responsible and accountable for;
  • if they know how they should behave;
  • if they have the requisite knowledge, skills, attributes and attitude to carry out their role effectively;
  • the level of leadership capability in an organisation;
  • the performance management processes; and
  • the recognition and reward systems in place.

Our Approach

We critically look at where the organisation is at in the market place, consider the environmental influences acting on it, pinpoint and get agreement with the Directors as to the key burning issues affecting the business and propose a work-plan detailing desired outcomes requiring resolution.

Expected Results

Clients who use our services are ensured that they are WRC compliant. Employers who have sought and followed our advice have never lost a case that went before an Independent Adjudication Officer, Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) or an appeal to the Labour Court.