Your business is only as capable as the individuals you employ and develop. In an ever-increasing competitive environment, it is imperative that your employees know how their roles fit in with the overall objectives of the business. It is vital that Business Owners know how to unlock the potential of their employees and create a working environment within which they will ‘go that extra mile’ and treat your business as if it were their own.

At Boyd HR we look at poor performance as an ‘effect’ and we help Managers identify one of eight root causes by using the ‘Fishbone Diagram’.


Key questions to ask when you have a poor performer:

  1. Have you selected the right person for the role?
  2. Have you set clear expectations?
  3. Are you helping the individual to develop & learn?
  4. Have you created a motivating environment?


Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)

We advise clients to use performance improvement plans when informal attempts to improve performance have not worked. A PIP is a monitored, structured and result based process wherein employees who are performing below the average required by the organisation are expected to improve their performance, closely monitored by their manager. Though this is an undesirable situation for the employee, sometimes it is necessary that organisations implement PIPs for employees whose performance has deteriorated.

The placement of the employee in a PIP takes place after due consultation between the employee and their manager, when the manager deems the employee performance as unsatisfactory. PIPs are designed to motivate the employee and set targets for them so that their performance improves. Each deliverable that the employee completes is checked for compliance with the performance standards by the line manager over a set period of time.

Boyd HR has many success stories about how employees improved their performance after being placed on a PIP.

If you would like to learn more about dealing with poor performance and how we can help your organisation, call Boyd HR on 074 912 3150.