Promoting workplace wellbeing and positive mental health in the workplace can be hugely beneficial to the employee and the organisation. Employees with good mental health are more likely to perform well, have good attendance records and be engaged in their work. Workplace wellbeing relates to the employees working life, how they feel about their work, their working environment and the quality and safety of the physical environment.

Poor mental health impacts employee’s overall health, their stress levels, their ability to work, their relationships with others and their overall productivity; Often times leading to high absenteeism. Busy personal lives, combined with long working hours is making it more difficult for people to find the time to act on wellness in their daily lives. This is where employers can take on the responsibility of promoting workplace wellbeing.

We work with organisations who are increasingly recognising the need for well-being initiatives for their employees. It helps them look after their mental health and sustain a healthy lifestyle while also having significant benefits to the organisation. Organisations do this because they appreciate that their most important resources are their human resources – their employees.

Recognising potential health and wellbeing issues in the workplace and addressing them before they become a serious problem is essential. A lack of recognition on the need to promote workers well-being may give rise to workplace problems, such as stress, bullying, conflict, alcohol and drug abuse and mental health disorders.

At Boyd HR we promote a culture of wellbeing in the workplace, as it doesn’t only benefit employees when they’re at work, it gives employees the incentives, tools, strategies and support mechanisms to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours both in and out of the workplace.

Boyd HR can assist employers with the following areas:

  • Designing a workplace employee wellbeing program
  • Providing guidance and external resources relating to employee wellbeing
  • Resources for mental health
  • Resources for health & nutrition
  • Occupational Health Assessment referrals
  • Wellness Webinars
  • Employee Assistance Programmes

If you would like to learn more about Workplace Wellbeing and how it could benefit your business, call Boyd HR on 074 912 3150.