Absenteeism from work is a growing problem for many organisations. With mental health illness on the rise, it is now more important than ever that organisations have in place effective policies and procedures to manage employee absence.

It is essential that organisations are able to monitor absence and manage absence levels. Dealing with the loss of employee time and productivity results in high costs and decreased sales and revenues for the organisation. It is also important that workplaces create a culture of wellness, where employees feel good at work and feel ‘looked after’ by their employer.

Boyd HR can help you manage workplace absence effectively by introducing the following practices:

  • Produce clear written procedures for reporting absence and providing medical certificates
  • Produce a policy on sick pay guidelines and entitlements
  • Provide a procedure for managing frequent short-term absence
  • Provide a procedure for managing long-term absence
  • Seek the right to arrange Occupational Health Assessments (in the employment contract)
  • Accurately record and monitor absence
  • Address high absence records by communicating to the employee and re-issuing the attendance policy
  • Conduct return-to-work interviews
  • Seek a ‘fit to work’ cert where necessary
  • Train managers on how to handle absence
  • Create a culture of wellness where employees feel good at work

Boyd HR can help you create a tailored absence policy along with Manager guidelines. We help many businesses with

Whether it be intermittent absences or long-term absences, we can safely guide you through the process step by step, to the point of termination of employment on the grounds of incapacity.

When you work with us, you will see the following results:

  • a reduction in the potential duration of employees’ absence;
  • an increase in the likelihood of sick employees returning to work;
  • a reduction in the likelihood of repeated spells of absence;
  • a decrease in the costs of absence to the business.


If you would like to learn more about how to manage workplace absence, call Boyd HR on 074 91 23150.