Employee engagement is the level of commitment in the relationship between an employee and the organisation they work for. It can be described as the emotional feelings an employee has towards that organisation as a whole. Evidence suggests that workplaces with higher employee engagement create higher levels of innovation, productivity and performance. Emotionally engaged employees exhibit higher levels of performance and personal wellbeing.

We in Boyd HR help Managers to make an impact on the overall employee engagement within an organisation by focusing on the following areas.


  • Clear communication and a shared vision for the Company
  • Engagement must be displayed by all leaders in the organisation
  • Employees must understand their purpose and role in the organisation

Engaging Managers

  • Managers must be on board with employee engagement
  • Employees need clarity for what is expected from them
  • Employees need positive challenging work and they need recognition and appreciation for their achievements
  • Treat employees with fairness and respect

Empowering Employees

  • Employees are asked to and are allowed to express their opinion
  • Communicate and listen to your employees
  • Take employee feedback on board and make changes accordingly
  • Trust your employees and live by your Company values

We can help your business focus on employee engagement, resulting in:

  • Increased employee productivity and innovation
  • Improved workplace culture and team morale
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced absence levels
  • Reduced staff turnover

Boyd HR work with organisations and their leaders to help them first understand employee engagement and the role they play in improving it. We provide employee engagement surveys to each employee within the organisation, collate the results and create a feedback report and engagement score. We can identify and improve where your organisation can build greater employee engagement.

If you would like to learn more about Employee Engagement and how it could benefit your business, call Boyd HR on 074 912 3150.