When an employee resigns their position, is your first thought to replace them as soon as possible or do you consult with employees and find out the reason why they want to leave? Have you considered that the employee’s decision toresign may have been made in the ‘heat of the moment’ after a confrontation with another member of staff, or after a change in the organisation? Has the employee totally thought their decision through?

Without the promise of a new job elsewhere for the employee to step into, it takes a lot for a person to resign their position and incur a loss of earnings. Could it be that there are issues within the organization, unbeknownst to management, that made the employee feel they had to resign?

In Boyd HR, we look at the root causes of employee resignations. We recommend conducting in-depth exit interviews with resigning staff to gain an insight into the causes of employees leaving your organisation.

If your organization is experiencing high levels of staff turnover and you are unsure why, contact one of Boyd HR’s skilled advisors on 074 912 3150 for guidance on how to instil a culture of honesty and openness in your business, where employees enjoy attending their work.