Individual Staff Member had an absenteeism rate of 12%, some of which was on an intermittent basis, and was late reporting to work on a regular basis.

What We Did

We met with the individual, produced his attendance pattern (showing his attendance record & the amount of intermittent absences).

Again, we asked him to explain the fact that his absence record was wholly unacceptable and that, in particular, his intermittent absences were proving a particular difficulty for work planning purposes (we could not depend on this individual been in attendance at work on any given day).

We got him to accept that his poor attendance & time-keeping was his problem & that he had to take responsibility to improve.


The Company did not have to take a Corrective Action (Disciplinary) on this occasion but the individual was made fully aware that were there to be a repeat occurrence, then the Company would have no alternative but to invoke the Corrective Action Process up to and including dismissal if necessary.