An Employee Handbook is a document that all employers should have in their arsenal. The handbook should always be read by an employee in conjunction with their contract of employment, as the contents of an Employee Handbook forms part of the employee’s contractual terms and conditions of employment.

The handbook should clearly set out the organisations policies, procedures that employees must follow in many different circumstances and contain general information about the organisation.

Although an Employee Handbook in itself is not a legal requirement, there is a legal requirement to furnish employees with the organisation’s disciplinary procedure, which is usually contained in the handbook, within one month of starting employment.

In Boyd HR, we understand how daunting the task of developing and implementing organisational policies and procedures can be to those who have not attempted the same feet previously. Often, management can be faced with a level of backlash from staff as a change to employment terms is not always well-received by everyone.

One of our service offerings that clients benefit from most is our on-site/virtual meeting with staff and management to explain the contents of the employee handbook. We meet with the whole workforce, whether in one session or more and systematically examine the contents of the handbook, explaining wherever explanations are needed and answering any questions that arise.

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