Collective Redundancies – What Are They?

Collective Redundancy

Over the last few months, there have been various redundancies across the tech industry with layoffs in Twitter and Meta. In HR terms, these large layoffs are called Collective Redundancies. Collective Redundancies – What Are They? To help understand collective redundancies and prevent unfair dismissals, here are some important things to know. Collective Redundancies These […]

Alternatives to Redundancy

  We would always advise our clients that redundancies should be a last resort and explain to them the importance of considering all possible alternatives to redundancy that might better suit the needs of their business. The following alternatives are what any business should consider prior to making the decision to make an employee redundant. […]

Redundancies – A tough challenge facing many businesses

The spread of Covid-19 has presented businesses with many unprecedented challenges. Unfortunately, due to this current climate, a lot of companies are being faced with the tough decision of having to make some, if not all of their workforce redundant. When any business is faced with this decision it is extremely important that they follow […]