Situation ❗️
An individual Staff Member was not performing at an acceptable level, was ‘surfing the internet’ during working hours and this was having both a detrimental effect on the remaining staff morale and the Company missing key project deadlines.

What We Did ❗️
With a ‘managing by facts’ approach, we gathered key data – project deadlines missed; tasks not completed on-time-to-quality and time on the internet for other than business purposes.

We presented the data to the individual Staff Member & asked him to explain as to what was going on.

We reminded him as to the impact his poor performance and unwanted behaviour was having on the Company.

We explained to him the consequence of continued poor performance.

We put a Performance Improvement Plan in place & set a 30-day review date.

Outcome ❗️
The individual Staff member has re-committed himself to the organisation, has successfully passed his 30-day Performance Improvement Plan and is refocused on delivering the results required from his role on-time-to-quality.

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