Protecting Personal Data When Working Remotely

  Many companies have had to allow more employees to work remotely from home in order to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19. An employer has the responsibility for ensuring that the following measures are implemented and communicated to their team. • Ensure that you have a Remote Working Policy in place. • Ensure […]

Absence Management – Why it’s important!

An empty office space

  Absenteeism from work can be a major problem for many businesses. Therefore, it is vitally important that you have an effective Absence Management Policy in place and that it is communicated to all your employees. There are two main types of absences: short term and long term.   Short Term Absences: can have a […]

The Family Leave and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2021

  Parents will now receive 5 weeks ‘Parents Leave’ on the birth of their child. As of 1st April 2021, The Family Leave and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2021 was enacted. New provisions under the Act include: An additional three weeks of paid Parents’ Leave and Benefit to each parent to be taken in the first […]

Discrimination, Harassment, Equality

    The Equal Status Acts 2000 -2015 prohibits discrimination in the provision of goods and services on the 10 protected grounds of: Gender Marital Status Family Status Age Disability Sexual Orientation Race Religion Membership of the Traveller Community Receipt of housing assistance in the context of the provision of accommodation.   One of the […]

Mental Health in the Workplace

The term mental health is almost always associated with sub-optimum mental health rather than good mental health. In contrast, the term physical health is usually associated with being either neutral or positive.   But we all have mental health.  Just like our physical health, our mental health can fluctuate on a spectrum from good to […]

Alternatives to Redundancy

  We would always advise our clients that redundancies should be a last resort and explain to them the importance of considering all possible alternatives to redundancy that might better suit the needs of their business. The following alternatives are what any business should consider prior to making the decision to make an employee redundant. […]

Redundancies – A tough challenge facing many businesses

The spread of Covid-19 has presented businesses with many unprecedented challenges. Unfortunately, due to this current climate, a lot of companies are being faced with the tough decision of having to make some, if not all of their workforce redundant. When any business is faced with this decision it is extremely important that they follow […]

Government plans on remote working

The year 2020 saw many changes for businesses and one major change was around the area of remote working. Many employers have had to manage their employees remotely and the year 2021 will see an even bigger emphasis on this area, with the government investing time in public consultations and the development of the National […]

Can employers force their employees to have the jab?

95,321,880 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 2,058,227 deaths, have been reported to the WHO (21/01/2021). On the day that Donald Trump departed from the White House, over 400,000 Americans lost their lives due to the Virus. These are shocking statistics. As the Irish Government prepares to roll out the immunisation programme, the question is: can […]

Parental Leave from 1st Sept 2020 – Boyd HR

Boyd HR parental-leave 2020

From 1st September 2020, under the Parental Leave Acts 1998 to 2019, parents have an increased entitlement of 4 weeks. Parents are now entitled entitled to 26 weeks unpaid parental leave to enable them to take care of their child. Employees who previously availed of 22 weeks parental leave and whose child is under 12 years […]